Help title bar off screen in Win 11

Whenever I select the Help button in the IDE, the Help Window appears with the top part of the window above the top of the screen so the window cannot be moved and the close and resize buttons are not visible. I can close it from the taskbar. Is this a Xojo bug or is something wrong with my display settings? The IDE initially did the same thing but I adjusted the display scale from the 200% default to 175% and that fixed the issue.

If you place the Mouse Cursor in one of the two Window vertical boundaries and press the left button with moving the Mouse to the bottom, isn’t it moving the whole window to the bottom ?

I am unsure becaus that is a long time I do not use WIndows and with the m1 MacBook Pro… I do not installed a VM to check (yet ?).

Just grab the right edge and resize the window. It’ll pop down to be positioned on the screen.

You can also press + followed by m and use the arrow keys to move the window.

Shouldn’t have to tho.
I have the same problem on Win10 - its a real PIA.

Further, once I changed the IDE settings to use local help, it cannot be reverted back. Previously, it would open the web page.