Help test a Xojo Web chat app?


As an experiment, I’ve developed a basic Xojo-based Web chat application. My goal was to see how quickly and easily this can be done in Xojo using the current Web framework - and it didn’t take very long at all.

Now I’m hoping to see whether or not it can handle load. If you’re interested in helping to test it, please visit:

Please note that the app isn’t running over https (yet).



I want to thank everyone who helped test this morning. I appreciate the feedback.

The app is offline now.

I have a bug to fix that involves the “transcript” text area scrolling when new messages come in. Once I get that resolved, I’ll restart the app for more testing.

502 Bad Gateway?

I think I’ve resolved the text area scrolling issue.

If anyone’s around and wants to give it a try, it’s back online:


  • Tim

Nice. Works fast from Germany

@Christian Schmitz Thanks for testing!

Really good!

Thanks, @Paul Budd! I appreciate you giving it a try.

@Tim Dietrich
Set your page’s minimum width to 320 and it’ll work on most phones too!

@Greg O’Lone Thanks! It’s on my wish list.

Just want to thank everyone who helped me test the app throughout the day. I appreciate your feedback.

I’ll bring the app back online this week. I just want to make sure that I’m around to keep an eye on it.

502 Bad Gateway?

He probably hasn’t brought it back online yet. Take a look at his last message.

Hi everyone.

An updated version of the Xojo Web Chat app is now online. The latest version is more mobile-friendly.

If you’d like to give it a try, visit:



Hey everyone. We’re testing this Xojo-based Web chat app again - this time on a Xojo Cloud server.

If you want to help test…


Failed on first release March 10 - 502 Bad Gateway - but this release on XOJO Cloud worked OSX Desktop

Sorry, can’t. Direct access to IP-Addresses is not permitted here. :slight_smile:

Looks slick on Firefox on my phone

Just want to thank everyone for testing the app today.

Also, thanks to @Jason Parsley and the Xojo team for giving me the opportunity to test this on Xojo Cloud.

The app is offline for now.

As a “thank you” to the community for helping to test the “Xojo Web Chat” experiment back in March, I’ve finally made it available under an open source license.

You can download the project directly here:

Here’s a short blog post about it: -

Thanks again to everyone who helped test the app, and to @Jason Parsley for giving me the opportunity to test it on Xojo Cloud.