Help tags not consistently showing

I have desktop application with a text field where I have added help tag text.

I find that on Mac OS the help tags appear wherever they are needed, however on Windows OS they are not consistently showing.

I find this behavior is the same in Windows 7 and Windows 10, and Xojo 2014r3.1 and Xojo 2015r4.1.

In one window, the help tags seem more consistent, not showing up on only one textfield - however, in another window where the textfields are within a container, the help tags do not appear at all.

The problem seems only to occur on the Windows OS and works perfectly using the Mac OS.

Is there something I am possibly missing?

Well there’s definitely something odd going on, I can’t say I’ve ever seen two tooltips on the same window before.

Yeah, I got so fed up with the way tooltips worked on Windows that I went and created my own using a Canvas. I track its location in the MouseMove event of the control and make it visible when I want it to appear. The control’s MouseExit event hides the canvas. The advantages, other than showing it only when I want it, are I can make it any size I need, multi-line if I want it, and any color I want. Start a timer in the control’s MouseEnter event and you can even have the “tool tip” wait and see if the cursor leaves the control early.

Another advantage is you can make the tooltip look like in the Windows 10 new apps.

Thanks a bunch. Will do.

It is a shame that you have to create a workaround though for something that’s supposed to work.

Has one of you filed a bug report about this?

Good idea. Will do.