Help reporting a WebRadioGroup behavior

I’m creating a web version of a simple program. It was faster that I thought possible was able to copy some things and little changed.

What I found is that WebRadioGroup behaves differently than other items in Xojo.

I have a Label with ID Name: Label1. If a click inside the Name box next to the 1 then I can change the name. Let’s say that I just put a 2 next to Label1, changing the name to Label12. Next I click another item on my main Window, let’s say a TextArea, the label name changed to Label12.

Now with WebRadioGroup. I have 2 by 2 group. I click the group then then pencil icon to edit it’s values. In Selected Cell Caption I have ‘Cat’, I click next to it and change to Cats, then I click another cell from the group or another item outside the group. The value doesn’t change.

To be able to change the Caption (also happen with Tag) first I need to TAB out of that box, click on Tag or change Enabled, Visible or Selected from that cell.

I hope it is clear, but I think is not clear enough to create a Feedback case. I know is a minor issue, but once you get used to just fill the box then move to other things without having to press TAB for things to change you can expect that in other areas and when that doesn’t happen then you have to change the way you work.

Note: maybe the correct way to work with changes is always press Return/Enter?

Return, enter or tab will commit the changes.

Thank you Greg.

What I’m trying to say is that with Label (for example, or other items) I don’t need to use return, enter or tab. With WebRadioGroup, when I’m changing each option I need to use return, enter or tab.

Why the difference in behavior?

editing parts of a control may be handled differently, and that would be a bug.

Thank you Greg.

Any tips to create a clear subject/explanation for a case?

Exact steps you are taking and a short video would be best.

This is the case: <>
I hope it is clear enough.