Help! New to XOJO

Hello Everyone,

Im quite new and was wondering if you can answer a couple of questions I have.

1.How do you make your program show window1 then when you mouse down, window2 appears
2.How can I assign a canvas a numeric value

Thanks In Advance

Any Help Helps!

That isn’t helping your just redirecting me to where I originally looked…

You still have to learn the very basics so the link to the userguide was a good idea. Also have a look at the examples that come with Xojo.

  1. You need to add an action event to your button which has something to show the second window.
  2. You can add a numerical value to a canvas if it’s subclassed. Do you know how to do this? Otherwise the number is a property of the window.

And then show us your code.

Your question did not indicate where you looked.

I highly recommend you read the Introduction to Programming with Xojo that is linked on that same page. It answers the questions you asked and much more.

I figured it out thanks for the help

I realize the convenance of emotion in a typed response is in the imagination of the reader, but me thinks Jay believes he was dissed.

But Jay, let me tell you that is not the case, this is the most helpful forum that you will find anywhere on the internet, regardless of subject matter. HOWEVER, you need to put you questions into context, you need to show that you have made SOME effort at attempting to resolve things yourself (after all that is the basis for learning), and when all else fails you need to show us what you attempted, and why you are unsure why it didn’t work.

Refer to the Language Reference manual (commonly referred to here a “LR”), especially those sections concerning the MOUSE and its events, MOUSEDOWN, MOUSEUP … why I infer from the way you asked this question, was something you did not attempt to do.

This question has no context. “a numeric value”, as an Index? as Data Content? as a pointer to another object?

So for now I (and hopefully others), will overlook the implied attitude in the response, and hope we can be of assistance in the future.

Last thing ANY of us want is to be percieved as STACKOVERFLOW