Help menu gone haywire?

Half the time when I select the Help menu in the IDE I get this set of useless selections, instead of the proper help menu… re-launching Xojo sometimes fixes it, sometimes doesn’t … Bug ?

What do you expect if you do a search in the help menu? It’s a feature and not a bug. Not really useful but it’s how macOS help menu works.

It is utterly useless it occurs in the IDE… I was trying to get at the help (syntax) for some plugins I use and I was expecting the usual menu. ie this one:

The only way I can restore it is to quit Xojo and restart, which is more than a tad irritating - and often it fails and requires a couple of attempts.

Would be helpful if you could say how to fix it.

In order for this to work as you’d expect, Xojo would have to write their documentation in the Apple help format.

File a feature request (but don’t expect it to ever happen).

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You just need to click on the x in the search field. Why would you want to quit and restart???

This is the way the Help menu works in EVERY app.

Nope there’s something wrong it doesn’t happen on my MBA, yet is happening on the iMac. Both have current Sonoma and 2023R3.1.

Even then, clicking the x button should revert to the expected menu.

Nope it doesn’t. Won’t go away. Even when Xojo is relaunched half the time it has this help menu instead of the Xojo one and it’s unpredictable which one I get.

Considering backing up the latest work then reverting the whole system to a previous backup.

Glad I have another Mac to work on while that happens.

The two screenshots you gave are misleading. In the former (the “wrong” one, as you said), you already filled a search string, while, in the latter, the field is empty. It would be easier to compare both “versions” in the same state.
When the menu shown isn’t what you expect, I assume it’s already wrong before you write anything in the field, am I correct?

For the record, here’s mine just after Xojo starts:

And it turns that way once I start writing to the field:

So the difference we can see is when some text is entered, mine only has Xojo entries, while your has Apple entries as well. The other time, both mine and your are similar.

P.S.: please unmark my earlier post as the solution; the topic isn’t resolved.

There’s definitely something odd - it doesn’t happen on the MacBook. Not wasting time on this I’ve already started to roll back to the setup a week ago.