Help me understand this tech requirements of this ws (SetRequestHeader)

I am really new to webservices… and I am trying to connect to one of them which has this tech requirements published online…

Connection requirement

In order to identify the calls and validate the information access it is required that all the messages are sent with a header Authorization connection credentials:


Authorization: Channel-User api-key=“1iclHfzD”, username=“username”, password=“password”, hotel=482000


api-key: It is the channel manager ID
username: It is the username that is used by the hotel in our extranet
Password: It is a password that the hotel creates for this connection
hotel: It is the code for the hotel you wish to access

I don’t understand how am I supposed to use SetRequestHeader to pass all that authorization info…

thanks a lot.

@Roman Varas: It sounds like they want you to do something like this…

Socket.SetRequestHeader(“Authorization”, “Channel-User api-key=”“1iclHfzD”", username="“username”", password="“password”", hotel=482000")

Hey Tim… that did the trick! … I thought I had to use multiple SetRequestHeader commands