Help installing Hackintosh and basic question on compressing USB drives

I seem to have all the requirements to install Hackintosh. I do not have a large DVD to burn bootable software to. It seems you can use a USB drive for Mac and if I had a Mac I would be able to install the bootable software onto a USB drive.

Does anybody think it would be a good idea to try and use a virtual machine running Hackintosh to create a bootable Hackintosh USB drive?

One question also, does compressing a USB drive apply permanent damage or downgrade? For example, can I restore the USB drive back to it’s original size and will my USB drive be permanently slown down in terms of write speed?

I also would ask if there is anything useful that you think I might not know that I should know on this topic please tell me about it.


Hey Oliver,

this is not the appropriate forum for assistance on this.

I would not expect much help here for that

I think it’s in is x license that it is only to be installed on apple branded hardware.


Good point.

[quote=131976:@brian franco]Oliver,
I would not expect much help here for that[/quote]
Thanks. I was more worried about the question with USB compression because at least I can try out the VM for myself.

We don’t permit discussion of anything that would violate Apple’s agreements on our forum, so I’m locking this thread. Thanks.