Help in Writing Well Known Portions of Code

Hi to all.
I m thinking that maybe i need some help in the future and I could afford to pay an amount of money no more that 350 dollars for it. I dont know if the charge is per hour or per lines of code but there are already sample code in xojo blog and videos about what I want…
but i think that somebody else in this forum who are more expert in that and have some spare time, it will implement faster and in more quality the related code and then I could study it to extend my knowledge.

If there is anybody who can help and get some money for it, please send a personal message to discuss the matter.

you shoud also tell us where you are, it may be easier if someone is close to you for that job.

It might be less possible, but yes, you right, that would be a nice option.
Athens, Greece

(Or i could be the host in case one wants to visit Athens for a week combining some work and vacations)

that is VERY tempting … :wink:

That was on purpose :slight_smile:
So one can consider this option, too.