Help getting WebPage.Show to work

The app’s default WebPage is SiteHomePage and is where users log in to the site. I want to use a different WebPage depending who the user is. For example if a teacher logs in I want to go to the TeacherHomePage. I thought all I would need to do is call TeacherHomePage.Show, but nothing happens.

What am I missing?

That should work. I do exactly that with my sites. I have a login page with a login dialog where the user enters their login details and when dismissed I select the page appropriate to that user.

@Wayne Golding … “when dismissed I select the page appropriate to that user”

You say “when dismissed” Are you doing anything with the currently displayed page before showing the new page?

Does it matter where I am calling show from? I am calling it from a button in a container on the defauilt log in page.

I don’t want to close the page as there will be situations when I will show the default page again and as I read the docs, if I do not close the page, the page’s state will be retained when shown again in the same session.

I’m not doing anything in the login page, any data I need to keep is placed in session. When dismissed is when the dialog is closed, so I am calling the new page from the login page, not within the dialog.

Stupid Stupid. After several hours of trying to figure this out I realized that I had a return call before the call. It works like it’s supposed to.

Thanks Wayne for trying to help.

Stepping through the code in the debugger highlights these issues (speaking from experience here). Glad you sorted the issue.