Help file videos - disable or at least mark

The help facility sometimes isn’t, but I guess what we have. When clicking on a topic, sometimes without warning it turns out to be a link to a Youtube video. This then has to be dismissed before you can proceed. Setting aside whether you wanted a Youtube video, there is the problem that some us are on very expensive metered connections and too not want a web browser launched and a video requested, ever.

My suggestion is that there should be a way to disable Youtube launches, or at least flag them in the help navigator to warn you that this topic will open a Youtube session.

You should file a feature request in the issues system.

Q on that: So the place to file feature requests is in the issues system, not here in the Feature Request category? Not flippant, just don’t know what SOP is.

This topic is a place where people discuss ideas, sometimes advocate for votes on their issues. Xojo has long said that feature requests and bugs reports don’t “exist” until they appear in the Issues system.