Does anyone have any experience with HealthKit integration from Xojo?
I’m specifically interested in if I can send any data or if I can even get a list of activities.

I don’t have any experience yet but considering using HealthKit in a future project.

Some apps send data to HealthKit, you should be able to do the same in Xojo using declares.

I’m rubbish at iOS declares!

But will be the only way. I wrote a few years ago one with Swift. Even as a physician it was hard to get it into the store. It was an app simplifying to deal with the amount of insuline a patient will need. The formulas are “common” knowledge and are well documented on many (serious) resources on the net, but it took me 3 weeks of email ping pong to convince Apple that it my app is not doing anything else than applying more or less a few “rules of three”. And with every change they whole process of validating the app startet from scratch. So I finally gave up …

My needs are far simpler. At minimum I want to know that they logged a run or a swim on a given day so I can prompt some questions about it.

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Understood, all I’m saying is that if you apparently click that you are using healthKit it seemed to me that some extra loops are starting within Apple to approve your App. As much as they banned for instance all e-cig Apps (which didn’t even use HealthKit), but Apple wants to know quite precisely what you are doing exactly when touching something health “related”.

that’s frustrating isn’t it.

It definitely was in my case. It was a simple “rule of three”. Such a common knowledge that I could not provide any valid scientific paper they were probably expecting. And the people I had to communicate with, obviously had no knowledge whatsoever in health related subjects.

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