Header listbox popup over ContainerControl

I’m having problems with a ContainerControl and the headers of a Listbox outside the ContainerControl in Windows (I’m using W7).
In OS X it works fine.
This is the situation:

When I move the mouse over the Listbox header, inside or outside the Container control, the header pops up over the ContainerControl.

This doesn’t happen in OS X (Yosemite).
I believe this a bug.
Are there more people having this problem?

I made a feedback case:

Same behaviour in 2014 r2.1 and r3 (debug from Mac). I added a canvas with graphic to the container control and the listbox header still overwrote it. Definitely is a bug - the header is displaying independently of the listbox, and overwrites anything - buttons, rectangles, third party controls.

If this is for an expandable source-list type of control maybe you can place the listbox in a container control and modify it’s dimensions in code. I do a similar thing, but I’m simply shifting listbox left param. Don’t know how to truncate the left so it would appear as a flyover.

It’s a win32 issue. Listbox isn’t the only control you’ll have trouble with. I use a plain box window for my pop-ups.

I believe I’ve read many times over that you should avoid overlapping controls on Windows.
Maybe have a borderless window floating over the position you need it when the popover is supposed to expand?

Solved the problem.
I go through the controls on the main screen and set enabled to false.
When closing the menu or by making a selection in menu, enabled for all the controls is set to true.
Works like a charm. :slight_smile: