Having fun with ListBox

Minutes ago, I added a header to a ListBox:

a. fill the InitialString field,
b. do not click in the HasHeading.

Do some testings (on other changes),
Want to modify the column(s) width(s): sh… no header… WHY ?

Check the project ListBox Properties and… yes, my fault…

Click in the HasHeading boolean,
get an eye on the ListBox, but the header is empty, the InitialValue strings appears in Row(0)… WHY ?

Cut the strings in InitialValue,
Press Return,
Click in HelpTag (in fact in another field),
Click in InitialValue and Paste the string,

Get an eye on the ListBox and… (drum roll) everything is OK.

Have you filed a bug report?

I filed one for similar reason. Headers are not always updated in the IDE when changes occur affecting them. They always work correctly in the built application, it’s just design time is not updated reliably. <https://xojo.com/issue/30409>, last updated November 2013 as “verified”.

Please excuse the wording of the report, it was filed on the heals of several other reports, many of which were regarding things that had been wrong for generations. I was getting a little miffed.

Greg: I was surprised and unsure if this was a local weird act or… so I asked.

Zane: Thank you for reporting.

Nota: I was so surprised that I do not even think to see what happens at run (build) time !

PS: sometimes I do the things in unusual ways, and so I have to adapt myself to what the software permit. Think than the IDE displike starting a line with:

= ListBox1.Cell(

For unknow reason, this comes to me often, but the auto complete feature dislike that and refuse to work. I have to go to the Dim section to copy / paste the variable name I forgot at write time. I suppose I wrote things like that “while I recall what I want to write and do it fast before I forgot…”… But I do consistently, sometimes, things in unusual order. (I even am able to attach a security belt to a child with my left hand, when curcumstances occured).