Haven't been able to log-in to Feedback for weeks

Feedback 2018r1.1 on macOS 10.14.6.

For weeks I’ve been getting the message “An error occurred while trying to connect to the Feedback server.” when trying to log-in. I don’t see a new version of Feedback on the Xojo site either.

Any hints? I want to file a bug report before I forget about it.

Have you cleared the Feedback folder beside all the Xojo folders in the local language reference folder ?

I found it: Library/Application Folder/Xojo/Feedback

Presss the Option key / in the Finder, Go To Menu, press the Library MenuItem.

Thanks Emile, deleted all that, but still nope.

It was my password, when I opened it, it had “forgotten” my password. So I re-entered it.

Finally, I looked up my password from my browser, and realized I was entering in an old password.

Note to Xojo staff; please can you change Feedback, so that when the password is incorrect, it actually says so. Would have saved me from wasting time.

Saying which is wrong is not good from a security perspective
“Login Failed” is much better but less informative - which is why its better from a security perspective