Has Antialiasing improved since V2016r2?

Hi, Im running Xojo 2016r2 on Windows 7/32 :roll_eyes:
Just tried enabling GDI+, and got antialiased 2D objects. But I’m not all that happy with the results, works very good if there are many pixels to play with, but when the objects get smaller (in pixels) the antialiasing looks too aggressive, removing thin lines altogether.

Is there something I can do about this?
And shouldn’t antialias work without using GDI+, presumably using Direct2D or WPF instead ?

Has the above issue improved in later versions of Xojo ?

You can download the most recent release and run in debug mode for free but…

Naaa, drawing quality is one of the many things not improved in the last decade.

Example in xojo 2023r3 (“HighQuality” AntiAliasModes)

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OK. Now I have another problem with antialiasing…
Opnening a simple bmp picture from file, the picture is a dark/black trapezoidal with rounded corners, the picture has transparency color ( &cFFFFFF) from the outside and all the way in towards the outer perimiter, this is verified 100%. But when Xojo paints the picture it looks like it has beed antialiased because I get a 1px wide ugly white-ish rim all around the black object in the picture. Transparency outside of this rim is OK.
Have looked all over but cant find a way to turn off this “forced’” antialiasing. Is it even possible ?