Hard crash if buildiing or running 64 bit Windows

Is it just me or do everyone have this issue,

I hard crash the IDE if I build 64 bit App on Windows (or if I run it)

Happens with 2018r1 and the 2018r1.1

No plugins installed except the ones that come with Xojo, just empty project with no code does this. Happens on 2 out of 2 machines tested.

Empty project with no code ? Should be easy to reproduce …

Yes one would think so which is why I am surprised I have not heard it from others.

No issue here.

Maybe, you should send your Project AND a Build made with your Xojo Setup, in a FR? :slight_smile:

Its just fresh copy of Xojo, no plugins installed, new project, no controls no code.

Only thing that is done before hitting run or build is to set the build to 64 bit

So nothing really to send.

So its basically

  1. Launch Xojo on Windows (Win 10 fully updated and up to date)
  2. New desktop application
  3. Change to 64 bit compile
  4. Hit run or build

Same issue when launched with Administrative Rights?

Yes, just tested that now

Can you find any Errors logged in the Windows Eventlog? Maybe, this could help with a FR?

click Report Now, and in Feedback click the details button on the auto report. The stack trace shown will probably give a clue.

Windows 10 - 64bit run or build crash

IDE Version : 2018 Release 1.1

Location: BuildProcess.cpp(188)

Condition: linker


Platform: Windows 10.0

Feed back reports: 52291 and 52290 should probably be merged. (2nd one came since Report now created new one)

And no nothing of value found in the Event viewer.

Hi Björn
I have the same problem. Did you ever get any answer? I have reported it too.

No no response. Just totally not usable Xojo version I am afraid.

And I get this on every single Windows Machine I have.

I am guessing that hints that it happens because of something I generally have installed. Visual Studio Developer tools, Icelandic locale, or something similar that every single one of my machines have in common.

Ok after this post last night there have been some ping pongs on feedback between me and Xojo staff.

It turns out it is the Windows user name that causes this.

So if running for 64 bit then Xojo seems to go bad if the user name has non US letters in it.

So in tests user name “Test” will be ok while user name “Testöí” will generate the crash. (using öí since those are letters from my name that triggered the issue in the first place)

Björn, I had issues with the linker failing whenever forms or methods (anything that generates a file on the OS during compilation) were named with an accented character. Feedback case <https://xojo.com/issue/40884> is verified. It goes back to 2015R3B9.

Could this be your issue?

I don’t think it is this is new and only for 64 bit. And of course creating new user is neither workaround nor option since for many including my self then the users are Microsoft users as in cloud based, and provide me with various of assets and tools. So I cannot just go and create new user that does not have international letters. But I think now that Xojo knows what the problem is it will be easy fix for them.