Happy Thanksgiving & MBS Black Friday Sale

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients, partners and friends all over the world.

For Black Friday we decided to offer this year two things:

First use coupon code BlackFridayMBS for our web shop to order new licenses with a 20% discount.

If you have special needs, you can email us to get an invoice or Paypal payment link directly. We know some people need to wait till next week to order, so the offer is valid till Tuesday.

Second if you have purchased previously an individual MBS Xojo Plugin part from the Complete Set within the last two years, but not the whole set, we offer you an upgrade to the Complete set for the =1]update price. Please consider to get the whole collection of 35 plugins instead of just one plugin.

See also Xojo Thanksgiving Sale and a xojo.io/deals for a collection of offers.

here is a new url for Complete Update from one part: Order here

You can of course voluntarily not use the coupon code.

But if you just forget to use it, we could offer three extra months for the licenses instead of the 20% discount.
(getting 15 months for paying 12 months is 20% discount)

Due to the discount there are interesting side effects.
If your license expired 11/2018 you’d be better to just buy a new one with discount compared to 2 year update.

Also if you acidentdically bought a new license instead of an update, we usually just change it from 1 new license to 2 year update.

So are you saying that hypothetically if someone had the complete set that expired summer 2019, that a purchase of a “new” license could end up getting a 2 year update instead?

This could hypothetically increase sales this weekend. At least hypothetically by one…

We always do this little adjustments if people order the wrong item…

And today I already had a few people discovering it’s cheaper to buy a new license then a 2 year update.

Though I would have expected a new license to only give 12 months of updates as opposed to 24. So if you convert these, that is neat.

What happens with LibXL licenses? I got a single platform one within last year – what happens if I do NOT do any upgrade on that too?

You can continue to use the older XL plugin from us for those projects.
Or use methods to load older LibXL.dll manually.

In general, I would recommend to update.
see LibXL here

So one can copy just the MBS Xojo XL Plugin.xojo_plugin from the currently license LibXL plugins into the plugin folder with other newer MBS plugins and they will all still register fine?

No, but if you have a project which needs the older LibXL, you can keep a separate set of plugins for that.

Or use newer XL plugin to load DLL for older LibXL instead of using the built-in.

Tuesday and our sale ends tonight.

Quite a few developers use the coupon code to get a new license after pausing for years. :slight_smile:

If everybody finished we can close the sale today.
Or some last minute order?

Is this coupon still working?

It may be worth trying when you order now.