Happy Pi Day; Xojo Pi Licenses Are Now Free Today And Everyday


Starting today, in honor of Pi Day 2018, we will be giving away Xojo Pi licenses for free! Xojo Pi allows you to build console apps for Linux ARM for use with Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3.

SPECIAL OFFER #PIDAY 2018 ONLY: Share or retweet one of our social media posts about Xojo today and you’ll get entered to win a Raspberry Pi 3!

Back at XDC 2015 when we announced Xojo would be adding support for the Raspberry Pi, we thought it was a fun extra for Xojo users. We were not expecting the overwhelming excitement and interest from the Xojo community and makers around the world! To celebrate Pi Day like the true geeks we are, we’re making Xojo Pi licenses free from Pi Day forward!

Email hello@xojo.com or DM us on Twitter for your free Xojo Pi license activation code.

Xojo’s Resident Baker @Joe Ranieri made us the Pi Pie you see in our posts today. It’s a Chocolate-Raspberry Delight pie and he made it entirely from scratch, including the raspberry jam! And you just thought he was an amazing engineer!

I only got to see the pics, it’s a downside to the virtual office!