Handling Fonts -> Get available characters

Hey all,

Is it possible to investigate which characters are supported by a font? I am particularly thinking of web fonts which I’d like to scan through and get all the icons available… It should be cross platform.

To know if a font has a glyph for a certain code point ?

Yes - or get a list of all available glyphs in the font.

By the way: Carbon seems to support glyphs from web fonts (like fontawesome) in text area, not so cocoa. Bug?

Unlikely it’s a “bug” - more likely its a difference in what the underlying OS API’s are capable of.

As for font awesome I literally installed the font, just fired up Xojo, opened the font in FontBook & selected the glyphs, pasted that into ta textarea initial value - which included the glyphs from the font (which BTW did not show in the IDE) and ran and they show up fine when running.

Well, if plugins are okay for you, we could check what we have on our plugin and maybe add a missing function to do this.

Plugin’s are okay, Christian.

Norman - Pasting works with Carbon (not cocoa). But adding the respective char using chr() doesn’t work. Still don’t know how I get all the glyphs… I need to draw them in a canvas eventually.