HandleURL not firing

In debug mode everything works great, but once I deploy to the Xojo cloud, HandleURL never fires in a specific web app.
I have another app where it’s working fine.
How can someone debug this?
What typical mistakes could someone make so that it wouldn’t fire?

Are you getting an error on the client side?

Typical is, when deployed as cgi you could miss the

If you forget “appname.cgi” the remote won’t get handleurl event

@greg, I’ve tried a lot of things. When I put in the path that I think should work it just bypasses the handler altogether and I get the web app. If I monkey around with the URL I can get a 404.

@Derek, I’ve tried that. I have another app that (mistakenly) was using index.cgi rather than .cgi, and that one works.
This is really perplexing.

@Chris Halford - I’ll contact you privately about this.

Link to previous question on how to access XojoCloud Handurl