HandleSpecialURL, scope of properties?

From HandleSpecialURL we have no access to Session and afaik, there is no session object established when HandleSpecialURL fires (?).

Where would I define a property which is valid for this user (aka ‘session’) only, and which stays in scope as long as the methods called from HandleSpecialURL do their job?

The manual says:

But I guess, I still cannot simply define a property at the App level and set its value from within HandleSpecialURL : each user would overwrite someone else’s value then, right?

You could make a token or cookie that the client has to send back each time and store the “session” variables in a class which is stored in a dictionary using the token/cookie as a key. Then you can retrieve that info each time the client connects. Just make sure you have an expiration date after which your app can purge the data.

…you could also use a database table for data storage.

@Greg O’Lone : Yep, I was afraid that this would be the answer… let’s code then.

Basically you’re creating your own Session system.