HandleSpecialURL and SSL

Hi, I have a webservice running behind a regular SSL encryption.
The cert-file is located next to the executable.

If I call the webservice over http, its working, if I call it over https, its not.

Is there someting I need to know, if I want to access a webapp webservice over ssl?

I think you need to set some parameters to the web application then you should enforce https using your HandleSpecialURL code

Not sure it might be in the docs about the parameters of the certificate.

Parameters to the application? which parameters do you mean?

The certificate setting or has that been set?

Of you use cgi then you don’t need the certificate next to the app… it should work out of the box if your server has ot configured. Then clear browser cache and try using https://

The app itselves works correct with ssl. just the handlespecialurl not, what is strange because without ssl its working.

I solved it.
I think the problem was in the ssl encryption between the app and the database server.

I use now an own app instance with an dedicated subdomain for the reverse proxy handling.