Guyren Howe materials

Years ago there were pdf docs written by Guyren that did a great job showing how to use the Events instead of traditional inheritance. I have his OOP book, I’m not talking about that (although it covers the topic too). I was teaching some Xojo techniques and was having trouble recalling an example he had. I thought I had the pdf on my hard drive but I’m coming up empty searching for it. Does anyone have a copy handy? I’d appreciate it.

I have that book. I’m looking for the educational materials he wrote for Realbasic Inc that were distributed for free. I’m not asking to pirate a published work.

I wasn’t aware of those (and I own the Guyren Howe OOP PDF book as well), if you find them can you post a location here, if they are in the public domain. I did look through my old RB articles, and found some by Dr. Scott Steinman, but that is not what you mean, right?

There is an improved description of event handling in User Guide Book 1: Fundamentals, Chapter 5: Classes, Section 3: Properties, Methods and Events. In particular, the chapter shows how to implement an Animal/Cat/Dog relationship using inheritance with overloaded methods, inheritance with event handling and using class interfaces.

But it sounds like you are referring to the (very old) RB Curriculum. I’ve uploaded a copy here for those that are interested:

That’s the one. Thanks Paul.