Guitar Tuner using Xojo

Is there any way to detect sound frequencies to make a guitar tuning app in Xojo, with or without plugins?
What plugins are available for such a task?
Some part of my app includes a tuner, which must listen to the microphone, and detect the played note by user on his/her real guitar.

You haven’t told us for what platform you develop, but in general: Yes. With a Fourier analysis you should be able to extract the frequency fast enough, and for addressing audio sources you will probably need a Plug-In or declare solution depending on your target platform. As usual, look into MBS plugins. I think I have seen some Xojo math libs somewhere too but I am not sure where and what.

I am developing for Mac and iPad.
Which MBS plugin is useful here? can you name it plz?

And how can I accomplish a Fourier analysis in Xojo?

When it comes to Maths then check out Bob Delaney’s site:

For FFT check out

And learn how to use Google! :wink:

For FFT, there’s MBS plugins too:
I am not sure what method might the appropriate but you will certainly find some information googling terms like “frequency analysis”.

The audio plugins seem to be but better ask Christian (or wait until he answers here) who can tell you for sure.

Have you searched the iOS forum for iOS audio declares? I am not sure if there have been such but would suggest to ask for there directly.

If you do a google search there is a C# example, just put “ guitar tuner” its about the first in the list, I know its not Xojo but it’ll give you some pointers

@Radium Radiovich You might find this case study interesting -

That’s very impressive!