GUI elements ignored on Raspi

All of the following seem to be ignored when debugging or compiling for the Raspberry Pi: Textfield TextColor and BackColor, ANY fonts on buttons, labels or fields, and button styles.

However, Window background, backdrop and label color seem to work fine.

Any ideas?

What version of Xojo are you using? I’m stuck at version 2017r1.1 because later versions are badly broken when it comes to GUI applications on the Raspberry Pi.

I just upgraded to Xojo Pro a few days ago in spite of this. I’m hoping they get Xojo for Raspberry Pi fixed soon. All of my Xojo work so far has been for the Raspberry Pi platform.

My license played out at 2017r3, so I guess I’ll be there for awhile until they get the bugs worked out. I took your advice and backed up to 2017r1 and sure enough, the textfield attributes and fonts worked properly. Button styles however still did not work, but I don’t have r1.1 installed. Maybe that would make the difference. That’s weird - and so unlike the Xojo I know. Thanks for the help!

Really bad job of the xojo team on the GUI


Why another post for this?
Do you search for another post?
Do you search for the many feedback cases about this and vote for them to be fixed?

I always search before I post, but I really dropped the ball on this one. I’m still learning Xojo and I forgot to check the Feedback app. It concerns me however that the textfield font issue is designated “Fixed and Verified” when it clearly isn’t.

Yeap, thas right, really disapointing about xojo, there are lots of this issues mark as FIXED :frowning:

and, dont forget:

Textfield TextSize
Bevel button Fontsize
Bevel button transparency
Push button not working on touch screen
Listbox header is transparent, useles if you have to use window background
Tab panel dont have the buttons to navegate to other non visible tabs

Sakes! I had no idea it was that bad. Thanks for the laundry list. I’ll keep an eye on them in future releases.

To be fair, the folks at Xojo have a pretty full plate dealing with the issues associated with the platforms they’ve already been supporting for years; namely PC, Mac, Linux, and Web. The Raspberry Pi community is important, but I have to imagine that the revenue stream is far less lucrative. I’m not saying they would intentionally ignore the bugs, but let’s be real, business priorities must be maintained. I’m a patient man, and only a hobbyist programmer, so I can wait. It’s just disheartening to see bugs listed as fixed that aren’t. I hope they get on top of that oversight eventually.