GUI .dll failed - app won't run on windows


I develop on a mac (OSX 10.10.3). We are a mixed office, so I need any tools I write to run in both environments. When I attempt to run a program compiled for windows I get a XOJOGUIFramework32.dll is not a valid windows image error.

Since the only reason we bought XOJO was to be able to write once compile to both platforms this defeats the purpose - I now have to re-write the app in visual studio so all our staff can use it.

Any idea why it won’t work? I tried re-compileing.

Narrowed it down, the app runs on win 7 boxes, but not xp. Anybody have a fix?

use an older Xojo version or Windows XP (SP3 or later)

System requirements Xojo 2015

Please, reports this as a bug using the Feedback utility.
Compiled programs (not the iDE itself) must run on Windows XP SP3.

Since we don’t know what version of XP the OP is using its premature to be reporting bugs