Group Box on Ventura Drawing

I have found 1 drawing issue with a Group Box under Ventura… These screen shots are from the same app that was built with 2021r2.1.



Did you changed the “color layout” in Monterey at the OS Level ?
(sorry, I forget the real name, so I used “color layout”)

What’s that got to do with Jim’s discussion about the Group Box being clipped?


Maybe he changed more than just the colors/tint?

Ventura is installed on an external drive that was just reformatted… and I simply booted from that… So Ventura is not upgraded from my Monterey system, it is a clean new install…

I did not make any changes to the default Ventura settings.

I have not found any other issues but I also have not spent a lot of time on it… so there might still be others.

Seems like Apple draws over it, so you need to move controls down a bit?

Yes… I am just trying to find all the issues my existing customers will run into if they upgrade the OS. I will certainly fix it in my next release.

I’m not seeing an issue. I think your group box is too short. The minimum height I use (when there is a title on the GroupBox) is 56. The top of my first control within the GroupBox is 24. I’m using DesktopGroupBox (API2).

Looks like Apple may have changed the contentViewMargins of the underlying control.

If it is that, you might be able to change it back to Monterey sizes (using declares), alternatively you’ll have to adjust your UI accordingly.