Group Box control shade backcolor in the MacOS


I’m using a canvas control that is inside of a Group Box Control. The new Xojo MacOS Group Box uses color shading now instead of lines. I need the canvas to be transparent which requires me to use FillRect ForeColor to be the same as the window BackColor so I can draw lines (Code Below). The line Control has been depreciated for a while but it still seems to be working in Windows in the 2023 Releases. Now the Canvas ForeColor has to match the Group Box shade BackColor. I don’t seem to be finding GroupBox.BackColor. My Question how do I find the GroupBox BackColor to make my Canvas Transparent? Trial & Error of 1000’s of Hex colors can take forever to find.

Dim Buffer As Picture

Canvas.Buffer.Graphic.ForeColor = Window.BackColor
Canvas.Buffer Graphics.FillRect(0, 0, Cavas.Width, Canvas.Height)

You don’t, a macOS window doesn’t use a color is uses a visual effect view to give it that blurriness. It is also worth noting that Xojo does not support native system colors on the macOS, so what you’re getting is an approximation.

Instead I’d recommend figuring out what is wrong with your canvas as by default it should be transparent.

Hi Sam

I commented out this code and it worked. I overlooked the most simple solution.

Thank You