Grid Control in IDE

How do I control vertical and horizontal grid size in the IDE?

Care to elaborate a bit more your question ?

Especially the parts “Grid” and “IDE”.

My guess is: this is related to position controls in the IDE, something like easy make the controls align left, align right, grid at X points so if you move a control under another control it will be easy/fast to set it 4 pixels below. But is only a guess.

When I read Grid I translated to List (as in ListBox) and do not understand.

In this case there are none.

Moving a Control in the Window Design area can be set using the Mouse, the arrow keys (1 pixel) and Shift-Arrow key (8 pixels).

Besign that, no hope (I think).

Sorry, I dit not explain properly.

When placing objects on a layout, an auto guide (blue lines) helps with horizontal and vertical alignment. I’d like to know if I can define the basic distance in points between lock positions of the guides. These invisible alignment ‘stops’ are the grid on which I want to base positioning of objects.

OK. Clear now.

Unfortunately, this is not a question I asked (either to myself or to Xojo).

In fact, I never use that “feature›”… in the last 24 years.