grep returns No such file or directory

Why does

Var pw As New Shell
pw.Execute(“grep ‘wpa_passphrase’ /etc/hostadp/hostapd.conf | cut -c16-”)

The Shell result is ‘No such file or directory’.

If I run grep ‘wpa_passphrase’ /etc/hostadp/hostapd.conf | cut -c16- directly in a terminal on a Raspberry pi I get the result I want.

probably because the shell isnt rooted where you think it is

its not a “terminal” so things like paths etc are NOT configure the same as when you run in a terminal window

you may even need to use an absolute path to grep

try using absolute paths to grep and the wpa_passphrase file

It is an odd one, because this works: -

cat /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf | grep ‘wpa_passphrase’ | cut -c16-