Green and need help

Hi Guys

As I did not find an introduction board I’ll jump right in.

When I started the Xojo tutorial (Introduction to programming with Xojo) all went very well, I was happy to have finally found a good tutorial, however the wheels started to fall of when I got to chapter 3, setting up the preview field did not mention to turn off the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to have all the text visible, now this may seem a normal thing to do like turning on the lights when entering a room at night but I’m still a caveman and I don’t know anything about light switches.

Having solved that problem I moved on to the next chapter “getting things done” and all went well till I got to the part where we make some spaghetti (simple methods) and this is where the engine fell out.

Firstly the tutorial tells me to open Window1 and to add a method but I was not told to click on the plus sign in order to be able to do this, then I’m told what to enter in the menu, Name = FillFontListBox, Parameters = For now and Return type should be left empty that’s OK except that the wording is quite confusing ( For now. Parameters) but things get even worst (below Return type, enter the following code) where is return type? So I entered the code on the code page next to the field to fill out.

As instructed by the tutorial I removed ALL the code from the FontListBox Open event and added the new code (FillFontListBox) ran the program and got two errors the first one says “not enough arguments: missing No type values for parameter “Now”

The next error is a syntax error Sub FillFontListBox (for now) I have gone through the tutorial over and over again but with no better result. I have followed the tutorial to the letter but cant do anything is if it dose not work because I’m as green as they come so any help will me most appreciated.

Mmm then I suggest to take a peek into Desktop Quickstart and Tutorial first:

Quick Start

Desktop Tutorial

you will find better readable iBooks and more ressources at:

You may want to have a look in the Examples folder next to the Xojo executable,

Where a similar technique is used to fill a menu with font names.