Greek characters in enums

Apparently Xojo 2024 Release 1 now forbids Greek characters from appearing in enums. I have a scientific research program that uses lots of Greek characters in variable names, properties, and enums. The variable and property names are allowed to be or contain Greek letters, but not enums as of 2024r1 (and it now throws a bug error message when compiling my project). I see in the release notes that this was part of a bug fix (74849), but the goal of the bug fix was to make the rules for enums and property names the same, which is not true in 2024r1. Should I file this as a bug? (Being able to use greek letters in all of the above is of great value to me.)

There have been two reports about this issue. Please take a look at

I don’t think the fix for this issue has been released yet.

Greek should be allowed as valid identifier, I consider it a bug.

By the way, all those scripts should be supported: UAX #31: Unicode Identifiers and Syntax

Hold off until the next pre-release as I think this is fixed.