I’m working on updating my ChartPart open source class to add a Donut type chart. I was hoping to take advantage of the new GraphicsPath.AddArc method to draw the arcs of my chart. However, if I’m not gone wrong then I have some problems. I have uploaded a zip file of a project to my website. I’ve done some things by the documents, and then some other aspects to get it working. ChartPartTestDonut

  • The Clockwise setting seems to be drawing counterclockwise
  • The GraphicsPath.CurrentPoint is reporting as if it was drawing the line clockwise

This class is really cool and would be really useful. Am I just seeing things?

Not only that but the angles are measured from the y axis (not the x axis as in the manual). Example - 0 radians is due north, pi/2 radians is due east.

Here’s an example:

Screenshot 2021-02-11 at 15.20.00