GraphicsMagickMBS Bug (but maybe not …)

@Christian_Schmitz Writing this here because others might run into this too:

I have a project that does a lot of image processing, which is why I am slowly getting adapted to GraphicsMagickMBS.
Sadly, the image files will be sent contained in a PDF, and from the documentation I hoped GM would help to extract these pictures.
Somehow it looks like it should, but I receive this error:

ImageMagick 7 test: Coder did not return an image (this is a bug, please report it!)

I know I could use DynaPDF Lite for this topic (it is xplatform Mac + Windows), so this might be a conflict of interests which I would understand. Because the plugin tells me I should report this error, I hope the missing coder could be added anyway … I only need the image extraction!

GraphicsMagick and ImageMagicj handle pdf bei running Ghostscript command line tools.
So it may require to install and license it.

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