Graphics without X11?

Is there a way to do a GUI/Graphics/Text overlay, etc… without the use of the X-windows/X11 system? I was looking at the rpi-rgb-matrix library which mirrors the HDMI framebuffer onto LED tiles, or even use the API natively, but they say do not run x-windows.

but I want to have some graphics in the background with text in the front, almost GUI-like but without X11.

Any tutorials or examples on how to do this?

I’m not sure that’s possible. The way Xojo uses GTK I don’t think they provide us access to the frame buffer. I’ve done GUI work like this before with the Pi but it was with the Qt framework and using OpenGLES.

Someone with more knowledge can correct me if I’m wrong.

You can create a Console app with the proper version of Xojo and then run that on top of whatever FB layer that you want. I use the old SVGALib. You can grab the source here and experiment.

Note - this is NOT for the Linux noob and you DO need to know C coding and how the kernel works.

Any updates on this ? I`m interested as well in this, thinking to have a Xojo app that can be used as a Digital signage player but without having all that heavy load X11 package. So far I found some players that can play the movies without having the X11 installed and managed to have some python scripts as well but wanted all in Xojo .


Still no. For the application I ran on the Raspberry Pi, I just reduced all of the OS features like the task bar and had my application auto run. Works perfectly.

But you do get the overhead of the OS.