Graphics to Paint

Most of my programming experience has been using RealBasic where direct access to Graphics was permitted.
Now Graphics is deprecated and printing is through Paint.

I am having a ‘complete’ mental block making that change. Is there someone that might share some code. My problem seems to be a lack of fundamental knowledge and I can’t seem to make any headway making the the necessary conversations.


Graphics isn’t deprecated, it’s that the old methodology of drawing onto a canvas from other objects isn’t okay anymore.
You should be able to use most of your drawing code from other things, just move them directly into the Paint event.

There’s a number of example projects involving canvas and drawing inside your Xojo install, they should be helpful and when you have specific questions feel free to come ask :slight_smile: Xojo/Example Projects/Graphics and Multimedia

Draw to a picture, then draw the picture in the canvas paint event.

Art: what version of Xojo are you using ?

Well, darn it! As soon as I wrote my request I searched using keyword Paint. Embarrassed!!! There are about a million replies.

Thanks and sorry for the noise.