Graphics Resource Issue

earlier today I dragged a @1x PNG into my project… and it opened up a window where I then dragged the @2x version of the same image…

just now however, I attempted to add another image the same way… and instead of giving me the window to add the @2x
it created a SHORTCUT in the project explorer and no way to relate the @2x version. (by shortcut I mean the icon that did appear in the Project Inspector had a little “arrow” on it)

Did I do something? did some option I’m unaware of get triggered? WTF?

as a workaround I found I can “INSERT IMAGE”, but that doesn’t answer my question :frowning:

Are you holding any keys?

nope… should I be holding the house keys and/or car keys? :smiley:

Holding Alt/Option when dragging an image in will create a single Picture instead of an ImageSet, but that was the only thing I could think of.

nope wasn’t doing that… even restarted Xojo to see if that made a diff, and it did not