Graphics removed in Canvas

Hei all !

Here in Bergamo in Italy everything is fine.
three days ago, 31 October was San Martino. It is said that in san martino each must becomes wine.
In practice these days the cellars where the wine is produced will open the barrels to store the wine in the bottles.
Where I live there are several social cellars where are mainly produced cabernet wines (valcalepio and cabernet of Bergamo 12/14 € per bottle) and a raisin wine of native red grapes called Moscato di Scanzo, is a very sweet and very good wine. It is not a rough wine, and the taste is rich, you can hear light hints of almond (it is very expensive we talk about 90/100 € per bottle). Production is limited to 6000 kg of grapes per year.
Also here in Bergamo we produce different types of cheese, cow, goat and sheep.
The province of Bergamo is formed for 33% of plains, 33% of hills and the remaining 33% of mountains.
In the area of ??the plain (part of the Po Valley) the production of cow’s milk is mainly dedicated to the production of ‘GRANA PADANO’ a cheese similar to Parmigiano Reggiano but has particular characteristics, in fact contains an element that is only present in breast milk .
In the hilly area we have cheeses made from sheep’s milk, cow’s milk and goat’s milk.
If you are visiting Bergamo I recommend you visit this website of a friend of mine who is a tour guide specializing in food and wine tours just in the province of Bergamo.

That said, how can fix the problem with Graphics in the canvas class ?

The same question arise some days ago in this forum, and I did not understand it too. The use of Graphics in Canvas (as you say) was deprecated years ago. Like most of us, I stopped to use the old way and since I totally forgot how it was.

So, I cannot explain, but here is the link to that previous conversation:

Canvas.Graphics Removed from two days ago.

PS: I too read the entry in the Release Notes.

You may create an offscreen Picture object that you display in the Canvas1.Graphics Event (if not Nil), or set in Canvas1.Backdrop.

I wanted to do something that sincerely thinking about it, with a few euros I can solve with a plugin.
Grazie !

I have another question.
I have a class like listbox where I use cellbackgroudpaint to color the lines (easy reading).
But I need to color other lines in the object that uses this class.
Normally when I have no parameters to use for the event I declare it and use raiseevent eventname and go.
But if the event is a function that has to return something, I have problems.

if (row mod 2)=0 then
  g.foreColor = rgb(237,243,254)
  g.fillrect 0,0,g.Width,g.height
end if

return RaiseEvent CellBackgroundPaint( g, row, column)