Graphics problem help needed

I am having a problem with displaying graphics correctly in windows.

I am using XOJO 2013 r3.3 and my project is being developed on the Mac.

On the Mac the graphics are showing just great but on windows running remotely ALL the graphics
appear to be doubled as shown below. Does anyone know why this is happening ?

Mac looks like this:

Windows looks like this:

Can you share your Paint code?

Wasn’t there an issue with images getting messed up for Windows when compiled on Mac? Was that fixed in 2014r1?

I don’t think the paint code is the problem as this happens on the main menu, toolbar menu graphics on bevel buttons.

but here is one of the paint codes for the canvas

g.drawpicture DropImage,0,0,g.width,g.height,0,0,DropImage.width,DropImage.height

Another one used is: Dim Pic As Picture = IconSoftwareApps g.DrawPicture(pic, 0, 0, g.Width, g.Height, 0, 0, Pic.Width, Pic.Height)

I ran into the same problem when I compiled for windows on Mac. I have not seen this issue in 2014r1 when compiling on a Mac for target win.

I just ran XOJO 2014r1 with my project and ran it remotely and it worked fine on windows.

Guess it was a bad bug in XOJO 20133.3

Anyway problem solved… Thanks for the input guys.

Update: I just ran my project in XOJO 2013r3.3 on the virtual windows side and it worked fine.

So it appears that running it remotely from Mac to Windows is the problem.

As I recall, it was actually an Apple bug affecting Windows .exe files built on a Mac with a Haswell CPU. The problem was resolved/worked around by Xojo switching the picture format used in Windows executables.

See here, or search the forum for Haswell for more discussions…