Graphics Page Curl effect

From years ago I remember that there was a plugin that could do a page curl effect on a picture.
I’ve been looking for it but can only find the other kind of “CURL” (network).

Does anyone else remember this or know where I could find it (if it still exists)?


PictureEffects was Replaced by PictureEffectsRaw when Xojo Picture format changed and got more complex.

I did not take the Page Curl effect with me to the newer one since I felt it was kinda low quality effect where I probably would not be able to get it to the quality that I would want for it.

But if there is any demand for it then it could be brought up to the new PictureEffectsRaw.

ah… I should have suspected. I don’t think there is a pressing need whatsoever. It would have been a nice effect to enhance. Nothing else. Thank you.

I can bring it up it should not be terribly hard. And I suppose if users use it combined with something else they can maybe get some sort of high quality result.

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I would use it for sure.
In one of my current projects it would add just the right visual distinction to help things be a bit more clear.

There is still a lot missing in it and I been battling the back-shader a bit but its far enough so that I think I can say we might get release on the weekend:


Does this look smoother than the old one?
I seem to remember some jagged edges.

Thank you for taking the time to so this.

No it has no edge interpolation. I just played with the sliders to make it look good I guess in the picture above.

Maybe in time edge interpolation can be made if I understand it all well enough (big if there !)

I it will get masking which the old did not have including advanced gradient masking (basically since the new engine has that built in). I don’t have that running yet so hard to realize the potential of that until we see. It will inherit from the MP classes but this effect can only be ran on one core, so the only purpose of letting it inherit from the MP framework will be to enable it to run on OS thread and also to maybe get the Async functionality (we will see)

Its been pushed out now