Graphics.DrawString for WebListbox.CellPicture - differing results

The code below will draw a circle and the appropriate string in each row of a weblistbox in debug mode on my Windows 7 PC, but when the app is deployed to my Xojo.Cloud account, the circle draws but not the string. Any ideas why these behave differently?

PS: I realize this may be a horrible way to fill a weblistbox with text - but that’s not the point of this exercise.

mainList.addRow "" Dim p As New Picture(300,26) Dim g As Graphics = p.Graphics g.DrawPicture iconCirlce24,1,1 g.ForeColor = &c000000 g.DrawString rs.Field("Description").StringValue,30,16 mainList.CellPicture(mainList.LastIndex,0) = p

Yes. Xojo Cloud doesn’t have any fonts installed. You must upload ttf files to the Fonts directory using sftp.

Thank you!

And yes… this technique will be slow as molasses in production.

After I upload my ttf files to the Fonts directory user sftp, is there anything else that is necessary to do? (restart something, etc.)

You should only have to restart your app. The next time it launches, the new fonts should appear in the global fonts() array.