Graphics and Picture as Vector in PDF…

I am adding a “Print…” feature to a shaded example and found…

If I build the data directly to the PDF, I get Vector data:

g = p.ShowPrinterDialog
If g <> Nil Then
  g.DrawText("My nice Text", 20,20)

but, if I use (print) a Picture, I get bitmap data:

g = p.ShowPrinterDialog
If g <> Nil Then
  g.DrawPicture OffScreen,0,0

In that project, I build in a Function a Picture that holds the TABLEs list, and in a different Function, the Pictures that displays all TABLEs Structure.

Unless I am wrong, I have to duplicate these to create a Vector PDF…

Ideas ?

To avoid misunderstanding, here’s a copy of the image that is generated from a sqlite data base (with a different background for Ian: no yellow in the TABLEs descriptions - cmy(0.10,0.00,0.10) - ):

It’s what I have been doing for the last 20 years.
Two separate rendering routines.
Arguably, if you write for PDF, all you really need is a ‘print my PDF’ function, and ditch the print version.
Ive never gotten round to doing that, I probably should.

OK, thank you Jeff.

I may not be clear on what I’ve done in the shared picture.

I have two Functions who returns Pictures:
a. A Picture with the list of TABLEs (at left)
b. A set of Pictures with the list of Columns in each TABLE.

I print these Pictures into an Offscreen Picture and display the result to screen OR / AND save the result to disk.

So, I will create a monolithic Method that print the data to PDF (or to Printer… depends of the user) as I do on other projects.