Graphic disappears


This has been working for a year. Works when I run app locally.

When I build the app and move it to our test side, the “next” arrow (a nice, big right pointing arrow does not appear on any page. If on clicks around where it’s supposed to be, the WebImageView that contains it responds. It’s as if the arrow holder is there, but the arrow itself is not. No errors.

Any clues??

Is it a local image file that you should use a Copy Files step for?

I have never needed a Copy Files step before. I’ll look into this.

How are you displaying it ? ImageView ? WebCanvas ? In RubberViewsWE I had to contend with WebCanvas which disappeared at random when moved or resized.

Copy files moved the three images to the build folder, but I noticed that they were also in the Build>Resources folder. They were not in the Resources folder on the test site. I moved them there, too. Things appear to be working.

Thanks for everyone’s rapid response.

Time for lunch.