Grammar of New framework e.g. XOJO.core

I have been looking at Xojo.core and “”, and trying to learn it too, and I am realizing the grammar for the new framework is very particular in comparison to the classic.
I am wondering if anyone has written a grammar table for it?
There are some interesting things that are sometimes used with very unique effects like

Using Xojo.Core Using Xojo.IO
It is also interesting (so far) what happens if you don’t.

You have examples of syntax all over

As far as using is concerned, I generally don’t do it in Desktop projects, because it is still very difficult to use only the new framework. I rather use the classes with their prefix.

Thanks Michel. That is a confusing part. I guess I’ll learn it the same as English.
I haven’t had to use hearders in 20 years.

I don’t use it either. I had trouble in the past with the compiler getting confused over what I was trying to use. I’ve always preferred being explicit in my code anyway, so using the prefix suits me just fine.

[quote=368618:@Arthur Gabhart]Thanks Michel. That is a confusing part. I guess I’ll learn it the same as English.
I haven’t had to use hearders in 20 years.[/quote]

That may seem strange to you, but although I learned a lot about the new framework developing for iOS, where there is no classic framework, I use it in desktop and web only when it is strictly necessary. I am lucky enough to speak several human languages, as well as several computer ones, but I feel there is no pressing need for the new framework yet, and to quote Xojo “for a very long time”.

Better stick to what you master, and introduce the new framework in small doses, when it is clearly superior. For instance I use Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket in my Paypal listener Web project, because it supports HTTP 1.1 that the classic class does not. But that is a very specific need. I would probably use the Text type if I had a lot of Asian languages and possibly composite accented characters. But yet, since controls in Xojo Desktop have all their properties in String, I could not use text directly, and would need either to subclass or spend a significant time converting string ToText.

Instead of trying to use the new framework intensively, you will probably be better off and it will be easier if you do it little by little, reading the documentation, and experimenting in small chunks.

Thanks again Michel. I was wondering about that and controls and string. I had seen that but didn’t understand TEXT didn’t work.