Grammar and spelling issues on Xojo's site

Hello everyone,
Thank you to everyone who replied. Nevertheless, it is very strange because at that time, I was in Botswana (my home) but I was 40 km away from Gaborone where I did not have my laptop and surely no Internet.
It is just another African mystery. Maybe some voodoo or maybe an enterprising teenage daughter, who knows.
I do not take any medication, alcohol or drugs. Also, my memory is fine and when in Africa, I live in harmony with nature.
I keep the church in the middle and blame voodoo for it. This prevents having to face a difficult teenager.

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Hacked account, perhaps?

I really have no idea. I asked myself, how can I write a reply when being in a location without any Internet. I look in the direction of an enterprising teenager who has access to this laptop. She also writes stories and is a good actress, so maybe she saw an opportunity. Anyway, if she wrote it, she replied in a polite way. Sometimes, we have to let them explore the world as long as they do not cross a line. But again, I do not point fingers at her because many in our house can have access, once it is logged in and my account automatically logs in to the forum.

When you compare those two original replies, one thing is missing. Writing my first name “Chris” under it. Sometimes I forget it but most of the time I just do that.

Thank you all for your replies which are appreciated.