GraffitiWebGrid Read cell contents in a loop

I use GraffitiWebGrid and read the contents ofa text file in order to fill rows in a column using this:

textInput = TextInputStream.Open(f) textInput.Encoding = Encodings.UTF8

so far so good…
But when try to read the contents of each cell using…

Dim longstringhistorytext as Variant Dim cellVal as string For x as integer = 0 to 10 dim currColumn as GraffitiWebGridColumn = GraffitiWebGridBPSH.Column(1) dim Row as GraffitiWebGridRow = GraffitiWebGridBPSH.Row( x ) cellVal=Row.Cell( currColumn ) longstringhistorytext = longstringhistorytext + cellVal next x

I get allways an empty cellval
Any help in that…?

You should create a ticket if your subscription is up-to-date. There are far too many variables. Assuming you’re using an old version, you’d need to update to the latest if it is a bug.

No subscription, using 27.2 version… Don’t think it is a bug but not sure if the syntax is ok…
Cant’ afford to update the license…

All I can really say for sure is that this functionality works in the current demo.

It is strange because on the same project this code works.
The only difference is that the Webgrid is on a WebDialog and I’m using different styles and the contents of the grid is not loaded but set by the user.

Anytime content isn’t shown in the grid, you need to check your column IDs. Review the Common Problems section of the GraffitiSuite documentation for more information.

If the content is shown but you’re failing to get data from the appropriate methods, I can’t really say. It’s not something I recall seeing, and I’d need a ticket with an example project built from the latest version.