graffitiwebgrid insert child

I have to insert a new row based on TREE. Anybody had used Graffitiwebgrid.insertchild?

Why not ask Anthony for help?
Go to the website of GraffitiSuite, log in and go to Support -> Tickets.
Create a ticket choosing category ‘General Question’ (I don’t understand something or need more information about a general topic.)
I’m pretty sure that Anthony will help you very quickly.

unfortunately, my license was already expired. I can no longer log in to the site.

You can try to contact him via his contact form?

Thank you.

I am trying to reach Anthony through the ticket now.

Copying response here.


The subscription fee covers the license to use GraffitiSuite releases in the timespan covered by that subscription, as well as access to support. When a subscription lapses, you no longer have access to personalized support. I would encourage you to renew.

That said, the answers you’re looking for are in the publicly available documentation assuming those properties/events/methods existed in the version of GraffitiSuite you are using.

— Anthony[/quote]

@ronaldo florendo
Have you looked into the demo project?
Maybe there is an example that contains insertchild in GraffitiWebGrid.