GraffitiWebGrid error on currency values


I started using GraffitiSuite, but I’m encountering an error when I pass currency values to the grid.

I believe it is very a simple thing, but I’m new in Xojo and have not identified what yet.

Could someone help me?

GraffitiWebGrid Open event

[code]Dim titleHeader As New GraffitiWebGridColumn( “COL1”, “Licena” )
titleHeader.Resizeable = False
titleHeader.Width = 200
titleHeader.Editor = GraffitiWebGrid.EditTypes.Text
titleHeader.Formatter = GraffitiWebGrid.FormatTypes.Tree
Me.AddColumn( titleHeader )

Dim startHeader As New GraffitiWebGridColumn( “COL2”, “Inicio” )
startHeader.Editor = GraffitiWebGrid.EditTypes.Date
startHeader.Formatter = GraffitiWebGrid.FormatTypes.Date
Me.AddColumn( startHeader )

Dim startHeader1 As New GraffitiWebGridColumn( “COL3”, “Vencto” )
startHeader1.Editor = GraffitiWebGrid.EditTypes.Date
startHeader1.Formatter = GraffitiWebGrid.FormatTypes.Date
Me.AddColumn( startHeader1 )

Dim startHeader2 As New GraffitiWebGridColumn( “COL4”, “Valor” )
startHeader2.Editor = GraffitiWebGrid.EditTypes.Currency
startHeader2.Formatter = GraffitiWebGrid.FormatTypes.Currency
Me.AddColumn( startHeader2 )

Me.ForceFitColumns = True[/code]

The code to populate grid from a Postgree database

[code] Data = db.SQLSelect(“SELECT * FROM LICENCAS WHERE ID_CLIENTE=” + CStr(IDCliente) + “;”)

If Data <> Nil Then
  While Not DATA.EOF
    Dim dict As New Dictionary
    dict.Value("COL1") = "Licena ativa"
    dict.Value("COL2") = data.Field("VALID_FROM").DateValue
    dict.Value("COL3") = data.Field("VALID_TO").DateValue
    dict.Value("COL4") =  data.Field("VLR_LIC").CurrencyValue   'Error ocurs here. If I comment this line works fine
    Dim newRow As New GraffitiWebGridRow( dict )
    lsLicencas.AddRow newRow
End If[/code]