GraffititEditor Question

Long shot I know but thought I’d ask.

I have some code inserting an image into GraffitiEditor from a FolderItem. Works fine, inserts a Base64 encoded image into the editor document, no issues.

At some point later, with potentially more than one image in the editor, I want to post the document to a service. At this point I want to upload the original image(s) for storage via the service API for storage and then replace the Base64 image in the document with the URL.

Issue is that the editor’s InsertImage method doesn’t return anything (would be great if it returned the random name assigned to the image or allowed a data- element to be defined) so at this point I have no idea which image belongs to which FolderItem.

Have considered uploading at point of insertion then just using the service returned URL but:

  1. At that point, it could be any service that is selected to POST this to, and;
  2. I’m sure some services would get jack of users posting multiple images, some of which may never get used if the user deleted the image(s) when producing the document.

Anyone had to do something similar before ? @Anthony_G_Cyphers any chance of returning something with this method ?


If you’ll open a feature request support ticket, I’d be happy to look into it.

Seems unable to raise a ticket when the notification says ‘Support not open’ or similar.

Attempts to reach ‘Tickets’ or ‘Support’ are redirected to Account – GraffitiSuite


Some users are seeing this issue if they haven’t logged in for a long period. Clear your cache for * and it’ll be fixed or use another browser. I just haven’t had time to look into it yet.

Ok thanks done.